1Are you looking for information about LIC India Login and LIC’s online payment. Many of you will have to open accounts in the LIC and When it comes time to deposit the instalment, you also have to face the difficulty of depositing the instalment. If you are looking for premium calculator kindly scroll below.

Just like the BSNL bill, the LIC office too has a long line for instalment deposit having members closely after standing hours and from now you will not have to stand in line after reading my post today Because I’ll tell you how to submit LIC’s instalment online. If you want all important links related to LIC then check here : LIC Login

Lic Of India Login :

If you want to deposit LIC’s deposits without a line, then you must first go to the site of LIC and create a new account. For creating a new account you should follow the below steps carefully : yes there are some phishing sites who steal your data so be careful.

1. Click here to visit the LIC site and click on “New User“.

2.Fill up your Policy No, Instalment Premium, Date of Birth, Email Id, Phone, Aadhaar and PAN number.

3.Click on proceed button.

4.Follow the steps and your account will be created and the details will be sent to your mail ID.

5.Click on “Sign in” from LIC homepage.

6.Now use your mobile number and password to login to the LIC website.

How to Pay LIC Premium Online :

You can now also pay the LIC premium online. The method is very easy. There is no extra charge for paying online so you can use it for free.

They were fashioned when you used to wait for the agent to reach you for filling your LIC’s premium or you used to stand in a long queue going to LIC’s office. You can now also pay the LIC premium online. The method is very easy.

List of Services After Logging LIC :

There are so many options available to perform after you are logged into LIC and here’s the most useful list I’m mentioning below :

You can also perform Premium services such as :

  • Paying premium online
  • Checking online payment receipts
  • Checking for premium calendar
  • Policy claim history details

Several other E-services tools that can be found are :

  1. Changing your password
  2. Updating the profile details
  3. Enrolling the policies
  4. Individual pension policy details
  5. Enrolling for employer
  6. Group scheme and pension information.

With these 8 steps you can Pay Premium Online :

You will be given 2 options. 1st to pay without registering online and 2nd is by logging into the website.

If you choose not to register and pay directly then click the “Pay Direct” button and fill your policy and payment details.

For the E-service payment follow the below steps :

1. Log on to LIC’s website and click on the premium online link.

2. Here you select the policy for which you want to pay the premium.

3. Here you will choose your bank for payment and it will take you to the bank’s login page. It is important that you have a net banking account of the bank made in the bank given to you.

4. Here you will have to login by entering your net banking username / password. After this, the amount of LIC Premium will be seen automatically.

5.Validate the balance and confirm the transaction. After this, the message of successful transaction or failure of the transaction will be visible on the screen.

6. The digitally signed e-receipt for successful transactions will be reached in your e-mail account.

7. If the money has been deducted from your bank account, but do not worry if the receipt is not generated, your network or session may be out of time. In this case, the receipt is generated from the spacing and it comes in your email id between two to three days.

8. Check the balance of your bank account before paying for the second premium for the same premium. If you have lost money on your account, do not make a payment again. All this process is free and you are not charged for it.

What are the benefits of LIC premium payments by net-banking?

  1. * 24 X 7 Payments can be made anywhere on the Internet.
  2. * LIC can issue payment instructions from home or office without having to go to office.
  3. * The need to stand in queue is bad.
  4. * In this way payments are free of charge without any extra fees Can.
  5. * You can register all your bank accounts at LIC and make any payments from any account.
  6. * Schedule of funds from your account to advance debit Can.
  7. * Receives reminders and alerts for premium payments.
  8. * Remains of the remittance can be avoided in the poster, courier sending. There is no cost.
  9. * In addition to DD or Pay Order fees in case of outbound outbound payments Without it.
  10. * Pay premiums and other policy details.

What policies can be paid in this policy?

Payment policies can be accessed through netbanking, which can be accessed through a network of networked banks, and man (metro area network) and van (wide area network).

These payments can be made for all the general policies taken to perform quarterly, half yearly and yearly payments.

Single Net, Normal Monthly Premium, Salary Saving Scheme can not make payments through NetBanking. Policies that are laps, and even policies that need to be restored It may not be convenient. Policies are active.

Does this facility have fees?

This facility is absolutely free. LIC has signed up with banks and service providers. LIC fees some fees per month for each transaction. Customers do not have any charges.

Authorized Banks for net-banking or phone banking:

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Punjab, UTI Bank, Federal Bank, Corporation Bank, and Citibank Other service providers: Biljection.com, TimesOffMoney.com, Bilidesk.com

How to Apply and Get Loan from LIC :

The loan amount varies depending on the amount and time of the policy. Since it is a secured loan , interest rates are lower than other loans.

To get a loan with a policy, one needs to fill out the application form. This application can be obtained through an LIC website or an agent. The burden should be submitted to the LIC branch.

Name Change : The terms and conditions of the loan being purchased with the policy must be indicated in the application for that loan. This policy will be transferred to the company’s name; That is your original LIC. You have to hand over the policy.

Interest Rates : For loans, the interest rate will be 9-10 percent. You have to build it once.

loan amount : The maximum loan amount under this policy is 90% (85% of the Payed Up Policy) from the value of the transferred policy (including the cash value of the bonus).

Credit period : Minimum loan period is 6 months from the date of loan payments. If you want to close the loan within this period, you should have a minimum interest rate of 6 months.

Maturity / death : If the policy is requested once the policy is maturity or the death of the policyholder within 6 months of borrowing, interest will only be charged to the date of maturity / death.

Policy : If the policy fails to pay interest during the term of the policy or interest, the loan amount and interest will be deducted from the claim amount and the balance amount will be paid to the claimant.

LIC INDIA Customer Care Numbers :

LIC customer care can be reached using phone call, SMS and em-mail ID.

Available days : Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturday – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Contact the customer zone for :




Change of address Premium points Filling up of application forms
Premium paid Certificate Bonus Registration on LIC’s Customer Portal
Life Certificate (Pension Policies) Loan Registration of Mobile no., e-mails, pin code no.
Grievance Redressal Revival
LIC plans and benefits

SMS Method : 

SMS LICHELP <pol.no.> to 9222492224 or SMS LICHELP <pol.no.> to 56767877.

Phone numbers :

For complete details of individual district and state contact number and email id check here :

Phone and Email Links.

If there are any doubts regarding the policies of LIC, please leave a email to us here admin@licindialogin.in and we will reply you regarding the issue. Thanks for reading the post, we will update the frequently asked FAQ’s soon.

Frequently Asked Questions on Life Insurance Corporation :